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Young and Technological
In the technologies applied to many productive processes and R & D, it is often necessary to achieve some specific degrees of vacuum: each of them, from the lowest to the ultra high, can guarantee the essential conditions for specific types of processes. To support this highly specialized sector, Eagle Technologies Ltd. Is a young and dynamic start-up born out of a cutting edge approach to the field of vacuum thanks to our comprehensive background acquired through years of training. We are ready to fulfil the needs of all the firms interested in becoming our business partners or final customers.

The main goal of Eagle Technology is to offer a broad range of services in addition to costantly updated and evolving products, marked by value for money and short processing time. Our streamlined business strutture, combined with an innovative method for contacting and managing orders, allows us to be always able to satisfy the needs of our clients and partners; those who deal with Eagle Technologies will always be updated, punctually and in a highly professional way, on the developments of our range of products and services, in order to guarantee increasingly comprehensive offer and attention to the customers’ needs as they arise.

Clients and Partners
Eagle Technologies Ltd. caters mainly for service centres concerned with the maintenance and repair of cryogenic systems (cryogenic pumps, cryostats and compressors), microelectronic, semiconductor and solar- thermal industries, research institutes and agroindustrial, biomedical and astronomical enterprises.
In addition, we have developed several forms of partnership that can be implemented with firms working in this sector; those firms which are interested in working with a readily available business that thinks of its clients ad an added valute for bilateral growth and development. That is the attitude that has so far been fully rewarding both for us and for our clients to such an extent that we can design new approaches to old needs and improve, as a result, the quality of our services.

Who we are
We draw from the expertise of our staff, developed in over 20 years of work experience in the field of thin-film technology.
Our primary objective is to offer the best products and services to support business concerned with vacuum( ranging from low to extreme ultra high degree ).
W are the European esclusive franchise holders of HTLC spare parts for cryogenic pumping. Our products are being distributed in the U.S.A., Japan, Korea, P.R.C.( CHINA) and South-East Asia and they fully comply with the strict demands for reliabilty that we owe to and are rightly expected of in the R&D and manufacturing sectors.

Our mission is to make the work approach increasingly quick and effettive, offering our clients and partners highly competitive quality and prices.
Our market entry is mainly driven by the growing need to meet the demand for the supply of repair kits without branding. Our main goal is to embrace this necessity and fulfil this market need by providing high-quality alternatives to those offered by OEM, which are much more expensive and often not readily available.
The initial goal of our business venture is to provide exclusive products and constant market and technological research in order to guarantee new products while complying with the high-quality standard required.

What we Do
Eagle Technology Ltd. aims to provide our clients and business partners with full equipment, spare parts and components, thanks to the skills acquired over time in each sector of our structure, which can easily recruit, within a short timeframe and with warranty, each advanced products and service needed.
All our products are a viable alternative to those procuded by OEM but at a low price , even though they comply with the high international standards of quality and reliability.
Our new offer allows you to repurchase from us second-hand refurbished products(equipments and spare parts) whose efficiency and reliability we guarantee.
Each and every process and production from Eagle Technology Ltd. must comply with high standards of professionalism, short processing times, low price and custom-made solutions.

The Service we Provide
Eagle Technology Ltd. ‘s basic offer in the UHV ( ultra high vacuum) sector provides high quality spare parts and maintenance kits fully compatibile with cryostats, cryogenics pumps and compressors manufactured by Cryogenics, Brooks Automation, Helix Technology Corporation, Oxford Instruments, Anelva, Canon Anelva Corporation and Ulvac. That is just the main core of our firm because we can enrich our offer on a case-by-case basis, through our clients’ specific requests and new experience gained by finding customized solutions to the problems we have faced so far and those we will with and for our business partners. That approach allows us to constantly guarantee an increasingly comprehensive and effective service.
For example, there is the possibility of conducting market research on behalf of other firms on components used in technologies.
We can support – in our field of expertise- clients in their specific searches also in international markets, taking care of logistics and import/export paperwork.